Who we are

The Hunger Project is a global strategic organisation working in 14 countries committed to ending hunger. In India it is committed to ignite, kindle and sustain the leadership spirit in women elected to village Panchayats.

The 73rd Constitutional Amendment Act (CAA) mandated 33.33 per cent reservation for women in all three tiers of the Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs), has brought more than one million women into public political life. It is our conviction that active participation of these women in local governance shall make hunger free India a reality.

In reality there are numerous obstacles faced by the elected women representatives. The Hunger Project recognizes the social conditions and understands the obstacles and seeks to address them by strengthening the role of elected women representatives in grassroots governance so that they are able to assert their rights and build a future free of hunger, poverty and injustice.

The elected women leaders that The Hunger Project has worked with in the last nine years have shown phenomenal leadership ability, against all odds. They have struggled to bring water, health, and education to their villages despite pressure, threats, violence, and brutalities. They have constructed roads and provided clean drinking water to their communities. These elected women representatives are slowly but surely changing the development agenda of their villages. Years after the 73rd CAA, rural women understand that it is their right to stand for elections and govern their Panchayats. In the remote corners of this country, thousands of women leaders have already started to occupy public spaces and are questioning corruption, inefficiency, and lack of necessities in their villages.

The elected women leaders need support and mentoring such that their leadership is strengthened and they are able to construct a hunger free India for themselves and their fellow citizens. The Hunger Project is committed to staying the course with these elected women leaders.

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