Our Impact

Equitable Society, Improved Service Delivery, Enhanced Community Assets

Shifting Mindsets and Attitudes

Empowering Elected Women Leaders

Assessing the ability of elected women representatives to question and defy entrenched social norms, transform gender relations, demand accountability and ensure inclusive development within their constituencies.

These learnings from the ground, which are a blend of quantitative and qualitative data, offer a rich narrative of change and challenges. The approach ensures that the focus stays on mutual learning and reflection processes that feed into strengthening the strategies of THP India. At the same time, evidence generated informs our advocacy effort thus creating a space for new knowledge building.

Our Impact has been Two-Fold
IMPACT 01 Impact 1

Elected Women Representatives Evolve as Individual Leaders

We capture the enhancement of the overall capacities of the Elected Women Representatives that are trained by The Hunger Project over a period of five years.

What We Measure
  • Empower

    Enhanced confidence (‘I cannot’ to ‘We can’)

  • Empower

    Improved understanding of women’s right to voice and agency

  • Empower

    Expansive knowledge of local governance systems and the importance of participation

  • Empower

    Asserting and leveraging their position in the office to ensure development for all

IMPACT 02 Impact 1

Local Development footprint of an Elected Woman Representative

We take a look at the overall impact Elected Women Representatives have had in their respective wards and village councils.


Case Studies

Portraits of Leadership, Voice, Agency

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