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News from THP in Karnataka

Three powerful new films - The Hunger Project is pleased to announce three new short videos that powerfully portray the journey of three elected women representatives in India’s panchayats, from Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. These Films were supported by the Royal Norwegian Embassy. The playlist is here, and you can also reference them individually under the main menu item here: … Continue reading
Partner Organisations - The main thrust has been on Federation building of the EWRs in Karnataka with the inception and growth of SUGRAMA. ORGANISATION FOR DEVELOPMENT OF PEOPLE (ODP) – The organization works on social development issues with special reference to women and education. They have strong women’s groups and concentrate on women, adolescent girls and environment protection. They have also been able … Continue reading
Karnataka: Brief Profile - Karnataka is a state of diverse cultures, languages and faiths. The social and economic scenario in the state is marked by a lot of regional disparities. The state has 30 districts and 176 Taluks. Based on the physiographic features the state is divided in to four natural regions – The Coastal Region, The Western Ghats … Continue reading
TOT- A major breakthrough - In the year 2009, also for the first time in Karnataka the Training of Trainers on SWEEP was organized for elected women representatives for five days. The participants were members of the State level SUGRAMA Steering Committee. In this training 14 EWRs actively participated. The main objective of the TOT was to develop a clear … Continue reading
2008-2009- Focus on building a Structured Federation - In the year 2008-2009, THP in collaboration with SKL International, SIPU and its seven partners viz. a viz. ASTRA, ASEDA, BWS, ODP, ORBIT, SUMANA and VIKASANA planned to facilitate the federation building process in a structured manner. In April 2008 an interim steering Committee of 7 elected women representatives from 7 districts was set up. … Continue reading
Strategy in Karnataka - From 2001 we started work on new strategy, focusing on leadership building of elected women representatives. Karnataka has been one of the oldest states, where the work was initiated and the WLW module was tested here. The most significant and interesting development in the state has been the felt need of the elected women to … Continue reading
THP in Karnataka - The Hunger Project has been working with elected women representatives in Karnataka since the year 2001. Since then we have been holding women’s leadership workshops and have trained elected women representatives from various districts of Karnataka. Karnataka is one of the few states in India that has made remarkable efforts to make Panchayats stronger and … Continue reading