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New Videos for 2017!

Breaking The Mould

Duration: 0:06:19

Based On: Susheela Saket, Ward Member of Baravah Panchayat, Sirmour Block.

State: Madhya Pradesh

About The Film: The Film depicts the political journey of Susheela Saket, currently serving as a Ward Member of her Panchayat. In the course of her tenure, she has emerged as a more confident and capable leader who has been able to grasp the nature of her work as well as the challenges involved in Panchayat governance. She is now able to efficiently implement various Government schemes in her Panchayat. Her experience as an EWR has particularly made her realize that a united collective effort by the people is capable of ushering in significant social transformation in the community.

Celebrating Democracy              

Duration: 0:07:49

Based On: Navli Kumari, Ex-Ward Member of Kyaria Panchayat, Abu Road Block.

State: Rajasthan

About The Film: The Film shows the hardship and struggle faced by Navli Kumari in pursuing an education for herself in a tribal village society. Being an educated member of the community as well as having gained the political experience of a fruitful tenure as a Ward Member (now former) of her Panchayat has motivated her to continue doing good work in her community.  Navli especially realizes the importance of promoting education amongst girls in the community.

United We Stand

Duration: 0:08:15

Based On: Sheelavathi B, Ward Member of Isuru Panchayat, Shikaripura Block.

State: Karnataka

About The Film: The Film narrates the quest of Sheelavathi B (a third time EWR from Isuru Gram Panchayat) to ensure the land rights of landless people. Sheelavathi has been most actively involved in fighting against unjust usurpation of land faced by the land –tiller community.

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