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Training of Trainers

Prior to every capacity building initiative, The Hunger Project conducts Training of Trainers (TOTs) workshops with trainers of community-based organisations The Hunger Project partners with in every State. The objectives of a TOT is to develop conceptual clarity on the subject of capacity building; to view each subject from a gender and human rights perspective; … Continue reading

Federation-building Workshops

By the third year of the election term, EWRs have begun exercising their role as political representatives in voicing concerns and implementing alternatives for development. Despite this, they continue to be confronted with the stigma of being public figures and as a result face resistance and apathy from family members, community members, other elected representatives, … Continue reading

Need-based Workshops

Once the EWRs have gained familiarity with the political environment around them, they begin to identify issues and concerns that typify lacuna in development in their areas. Need-based workshops (NBWs) are thematic workshops conducted in the second and third years of the election cycle that address contextual concerns expressed by the elected women. Some of … Continue reading

Follow-up Workshops

A WLW is followed up with a series of Follow-up workshops (FWs), which is a two-day workshop focusing on the experiences of EWRs post a WLW in their Panchayats challenges they have encountered and their accomplishments in their capacity as EWRs. Most times, the challenges seem to supersede their achievements but the Follow-up workshop enables … Continue reading

Women’s Leadership Workshops

The Women’s Leadership Workshop (WLW) – a three-day workshop – is the primary level capacity building initiative with EWRs. The WLW is organised in the first year of their election term. The objectives of a WLW are to enable women to begin taking a conscious step towards transformation, as women and as elected representatives; to … Continue reading