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THP Compendium 2012

THP Compendium 2012

“CLAIMING RIGHTS, BRINGING CHANGE” is a compilation of case studies of EWRs by THP, to showcase their work at the Panchayat level and the transformation these EWRs are bringing to rural India. These individual stories in the form of a compendium are a compelling account of the journey, accomplishments, challenges of these women against the … Continue reading

Overview of Local Governance in the State of Jammu and Kashmir

“Whereas it is expedient to promote and develop Panchayati Raj in the State as an instrument of vigorous Local Self Government to secure the effective participation of the people in the decision making process and for over-seeing implementation of developmental programmes” – The Jammu and Kashmir Panchayati Raj Act, 1989. Read More

A Report of the SWEEP Campaign in Tamil Nadu 2006

This report shows the accomplishments of the Strengthening Women’s Empowerment through Electoral Process (SWEEP) campaign in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu in 2006. This program works to educate women about the roles they can play in village council elections. The Hunger Project-India in Tamil Nadu partnered with 23 other NGOs for this program. Teams … Continue reading

Shackling the Surge of Women’s Power: Bihar

This report, based on twenty case studies, reinforces the need for increased training of women to enable them to take better advantage of the opportunity provided by the reservation of certain political seats for women. There are inspirational stories about poor, grassroots women (most of whom have been trained by The Hunger Project) who, with … Continue reading