SNP 2011 Winners

The Jury for Sarojini Naidu Prize for Best Reporting on Women and Panchayati Raj in print media met on 15th September 2011 at the India International Centre, New Delhi to select the Prize winners of the Eleventh Sarojini Naidu Prize in all three categories.

The Winners for 11th Sarojini Naidu Prize are:

English category:
Ms ADITI BHADURI for ‘Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Courage’ published in the Sentinel, Guwahati (14th May 2011)

Aditi’s article spans three states. She is a Kolkata based independent journalist who wrote on the role of women leaders in the Jammu & Kashmir Gram Panchayat elections and published it in a Guwahati newspaper. Aditi’s article speaks of the need for development in the valley and the role women want to play in bringing change and development in their villages.

Hindi category:
Ms NARJIS HUSAIN for ‘Talking Walls of Vijayapura Panchayat’ published in Rashtriya Sahara, Delhi (25th May, 2011)

Narjis is a Delhi based journalist who has contributed to mainstream journalism since 1997. Her article speaks of the enormous achievements of one woman sarpanch in Rajasthan.

Other Indian Languages:
Mr Guruvappa N.T. BALEPUNI for ‘A live example of rural development’ published in Hosa Digantha, Puttur (14th June, 2011)

Balepuni discusses the achievements of EWR Ratna in Bantwal district of Dakshin Karnataka. His article is well researched and brings out the different facets of good governance. It also focuses on and analyzes the decentralized Panchayati Raj system.

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