Partner Organisations

The main thrust has been on Federation building of the EWRs in Karnataka with the inception and growth of SUGRAMA.
ORGANISATION FOR DEVELOPMENT OF PEOPLE (ODP) – The organization works on social development issues with special reference to women and education. They have strong women’s groups and concentrate on women, adolescent girls and environment protection. They have also been able to experiment on formation of “village committees” that have taken responsibilities for various issues concerning their respective village.  THP in partnership with ODP focuses on capacity building of Elected Women Representatives, building support structure for EWR in the form of networks and federations in order to equip the EWRs with skills and tools necessary to be an effective leader.
Works in Partnership with THP in – Mysore, Mandya, Kodagu, Chamaraja Nagara – 18  blocks – 614 Gram Panchayats (48 extensively and 566 intensively)

ACTION FOR SOCIAL EDUCATIONAL DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION (ASEDA) – Their work revolves around drinking water awareness campaign, land development / watershed / afforestation programme, rural housing, tank rehabilitation, and conducting workshops on different aspects. THP in partnership with ASEDA focuses on Strengthening Elected Women Representative’s Leadership through the formation of federations, and strengthening leadership of other women who could support and contest or contribute in some way to the Panchayat Raj institution. The federations would lobby for more powers and entitlements from the government, act as the support structure for all elected women representatives, provide information and service and build their capacities in various ways.
Works in Partnership with THP in – Chickballapura, Bangalore rural, Tumkur, Koppal, Gadag – 14 blocks – 427 Gram Panchayats
ORBIT – Orbit is a church based organization based in Bidar district of Karnataka that also falls in the border of Maharashtra. They have been working with community based development programmes in the north of Karnataka since many years. THP has started work with Orbit from last year and they are one of our new partners in the north. The aim of the organization is to empower the poor people to be self reliant through various developmental activities and leading to an integrated development and transformation.
THP in partnership with ORBIT would aim at building district and state level federation in the coming year and this year the focus would be on capacity building, elections and giving a formal shape to the federation and also building on the capacities of EWR’s in the new areas and help them to join the federation with the required inputs and support.
Works in Partnership with THP in – Bidar, Gulbarga, Bijapura – 15 blocks –528 Gram Panchayats (extensively covering 337 GPs and intensively covering 191 GPs)
SUMANA – Sumana is one among our old partners who are committed to a great extent in the Panchayat raj work at the grassroot level. They have been working in rural community development work since 1989 with special emphasis to women and children. THP in partnership with SUMANA aim at to build a strong EWR’s federation at taluk, district and later at state level and this would be achieved through various capacity building trainings and workshops, elections and also through executive body meetings of the federation.
Works in Partnership with THP in – Mysore, Mandya, Dakshin Kannanda, Udupi – 8 blocks –- 285 Gram Panchayats (extensively covering 167 and intensively covering 118)
VIKASANA – Vikasana is a non-governmental organization established in the year 1988-89 for the benefit of mankind especially for the economically and socially backward rural people. THP in partnership with Vikasana would be to build a strong EWR’s federation at taluk, district and later at state level. The constitutional right of each individual at grassroots level enjoying all rights and participate in all process of planning, implementation and monitoring of developmental activities of gram Panchayat should materialize.
Works in Partnership with THP in – Chikmagalur, Hassan, Shimoga, Davangere – 13 blocks –working in 502 Gram Panchayats (extensively covering 313 and intensively covering 189)

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