Partner Organisations

The focus in Rajasthan is on Strengthening leadership of Elected Women Representatives in Gram Panchayats through training workshops in various districts of Rajasthan

CENTRE FOR COMMUNITY ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANTS SOCIETY (CECOEDECON) – Works directly with under privileged and marginalized groups including women, dalits, tribals, small and marginal farmers. They aim at enhancing the capabilities of the community to address issues of health, education and livelihood security, and empower them to solve the problems that affect their lives.
Works in Partnership with THP in – Jaipur, Tonk and Baran Districts – Chaksu, Niwai, Shahabad Blocks – 103 Gram Panchayats
JAN CHETNA – is a Right base approach organisation specially work done with Adiwasi BShakar Majoor Sangathan village base. The organization is also closely working on the concept of Right to Information and Social Audit at Village and Panchayat Level.
Works in Partnership with THP in – Sirohi District – Aburoad Block – 25 Gram Panchayats
ASTHA SANSTHAN – The main focus of the work of Astha over past 20 years have been to build up organizations,big or small of the poor,and help them to develop the leadership to work on the problems they face.Astha networks with no. of NGOs in Rajasthan and in India for Issue-based advocacy related to poor people.
Works in Partnership with THP in – Rajsamand District – Khamnor Block – 41 Gram Panchayats
URMUL SETU – The long term goal of Urmul is “To lead underprivileged sections of the villages especially women and children towards self reliance by providing them a package of developmental services which they themselves decide on, design, implement and eventually finance that would enable them upgrade their quality of life.”
Works in Partnership with THP in – Bikaner District – Lunkaransar Block – 36 Gram PanchayatsMAHILA MANDAL BARMER AGOR –
MMBA is actively working in Barmer district to generate awareness on Panchayat Raj Institutions (PRI).
Works in Partnership with THP in – Barmer District – Barmer Block – 50 Gram Panchayats
PRAYAS – Prayas (Endeavour) is a voluntary organisation working for social, political and economic development in Chittorgarh district of Southern Rajasthan. Established in 1979, Prayas, as its name suggests, is distinguished primarily by its evolving orientation. Main focus is to build a society free from social, cultural, economic, religious, gender, and geographical discrimination.
Works in Partnership with THP in – Chittorgarh District – Bhadesar Block – 25 Gram Panchayats
JATAN SANSTHAN – is a grassroots NGO working with the rural population of the districts of Rajsamand, Udaipur and Bhilwara. It focuses on various initiatives geared towards improving the social and demographic indicators of the marginalized population, with a special focus on women and youth.
Works in Partnership with THP in – Rajsamand  District – Relmagra Block – 29 Gram Panchayats
SURE SANSTHAN– An NGO working to ensure the participation of the poor and marginalized in sustainable development processes through collective decision making and facilitating the emergence of democratic leadership and institutions among people.
Works in Partnership with THP in – Barmer District – Chautan Block – 51 Blocks
SARD SANSTHAN– is a non profit, a political organisation working in SIROHI and Jalore districts of Rajasthan for last five years. A self reliant rural society in which people manage their resources on their own, lead a dignified life and contribute to sustained all round development. Main focus on awareness generation, water conservation, gender equation in society, nutrition of women and children,etc
Works in Partnership with THP in – Sirohi District – Reodar Block – 37 Gram Panchayats
UNNATI– Promote social inclusion and democratic governance so that the vulnerable sections ofour society are empowered to effectively and decisively participate in mainstream development and decision making process.
JAN SHIKSHA EVAM VIKAS SANGATHAN (PEDO) – self reliant rural communities striving for sustainable livelihood with value based development orientatation. Their main emphasis is on women’s empowerment through micro credit, rural decentralisation and strengthening of Panchayati raj institutions, promoting self sustained institutions.
Works in Partnership with THP in – Dungarpur District – Bichiwada Block – 48 Gram Panchayats
ALWAR MEWAT INSTITUTE OF  EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT (AMIED) – Voluntary, non-profit and non-government organization, registered under societies act 1958. The broader vision of the organization reveals around the work with the excluded and deprived communities including MEOs to bring all the communities on a common platform so that they can collectively participate in the process of self development and development of Nation in general. The challenge in working with such excluded communities is to understand and resolve the different perceptions.
Works in Partnership with THP in – Alwar District – Tijara Block – 16 Gram Panchayats

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