Partner Organisations

In Maharashtra, the main Focus on Institutional Strengthening of Federations & Support to Federation for their Campaigns.
RESOURCE & SUPPORT CENTER FOR DEVELOPMENT (RSCD) – RSCD is a non governmental organization based in Maharashtra. RSCD was established in 1994 in collaboration with other organizations in the state as a NGO collective. RSCD Mumbai in collaboration with its regional networks in Maharashtra in the year 2000 initiated a Campaign for Women Governance (Mahila Rajasatta Andolan),  which had specific strategies, & activities. Mahila Rajasatta Andolan (MRA) was formed with around 150 partner organizations with a view of empowering women and strengthening their participation in political processes through Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRI), It continues on work with different intervention strategies like- Advocacy, Organizing Training, Programs, Crisis Support, Documentation, and Dissemination of Information for Elected Women Representatives (EWRs).
Works in Partnership with THP in – 26 Districts – 78 Blocks – 520 Gram Panchayats
PARIVARTAN – Parivartan is a non-governmental organization based in Chiplun block of  Ratnagiri District, Maharashtra. The Hunger Project entered into partnership with Parivartan in the year 2003. Parivartan has been working intensively with Federations in 4 blocks of Ratnagiri District.
Works in Partnership with THP in – 1 District – 4 Blocks – 120 Gram Panchayats

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