Partner Organisations

The focus in Odisha will be on Federation Building & Strengthening of Elected Women.

DAPTA – This organization works in one of the most backward and poorest districts in the state. It leads a network of 12 organizations under the “Loka Adhikar Samukhya (LASK)”which is actively involved in the issues of right to life and food in the area.

Works in Partnership with THP in – Kalahandi District – 9 Blocks – 193 Gram Panchayats

NARI SURAKHYA SAMITI (NSS) – The main objective of this organization is ‘women’s empowerment’. The organization is working on women’s issues like violence against women and trafficking of the girl child. These various issues are interlinked with a large number of extractive industries in the area.

Works in Partnership with THP in – Angul & Odisha Districts – Banarpal and Chhendipada Blocks – 81 Gram Panchayats

PIPAR – Pipar is one of the leading organizations in Orissa on Panchayati Raj activities. They have initiated the process of OSPP which is working as a pressure group on different issues i:e:- two child norms, registration of marriages at the Panchayat level right to information etc. They are strong in advocacy and lobbying on PR activities at the state level.

Works in Partnership with THP in – Dhenkanal Districts – 6 Blocks – 91 Gram Panchayats

AYAUSKAM – AYAUSKAM has been working with the poor and the disadvantaged people of Nuapada district which itself is known for poverty, starvation death, migration, draught and all the classic symptoms of backwardness. Its basic thrust of activities is directed at issues of IMR, MMR, HIV/AIDS and reproductive health care. They have been trying to link these issues with the

Panchayats to generate greater awareness and make the people themselves responsible towards solving them in the context of their social milieu AYAUSKAM has been accepted as a district level member of the NRHM.

Works in Partnership with THP in – Nuapada District – Boden / Komna Blocks – 41 Gram Panchayats

PECUC – It is an organization based at Bhubaneswar and primarily involved in right based activities for the marginalized sections of the people. One of the main areas of their activities relates to National Campaign against Child labour among other areas of interest, they functioned as a group of peoples watch during the last Panchayat election. They have built-up expertise in advocacy and lobbing. They also have developed a good rapport with the local print and electronic media

Works in Partnership with THP in – Khurda District – Balianta, Bhubaneswar Blocks – 34 Gram Panchayats

IWD – It is an organization based at Gajapati – Tribal area. One of the main areas of their activities relates to women’s empowerment, tribal rights and livelihood issues. Women headed organization.

Works in Partnership with THP in – Gajapati District – R.Udayagiri,Gumma, Rayagada and Gosani Blocks – 50 Gram Panchayats

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