THP in Tamil Nadu

The Hunger Project has been working independently through its state office in Tamil Nadu since 2005.

Through the past five years, THP has achieved the following breakthroughs in Tamil Nadu:

  • Implementation of the SWEEP campaign as planned with more areas covered and more women trained on the electoral process
  • Development of a good working relationship with the media resulting in extensive media coverage. Out of the nine times the Sarojini Naidu Prize has been held, Tamil Nadu media people have won five times
  • Implementation of participatory planning, monitoring and evaluation process with the partner NGOs.
  • Successful promotion of federation for EWRs and Charter of demands presented to the Office of the Minister for Local Administration through the federation.
  • Successful implementation and consolidation of the Tsunami project. Successful implementation of the micro plans by all the Panchayats and mainstreaming of the project impact into Panchayats
  • Successful introduction of TOT as method of training
  • Started its operations in Tsunami affected 17 panchayats with 3 partners in Nagapattinam District
  • Objective was to strengthen the PRI in coastal TN (Tsunami)
  • Panchayats were sidelined during and post tsunami especially while carrying out rehabilitation
  • Synergy between traditional panchayats and the constitutionally mandated panchayats
  • Micro plans for the village with people’s participation

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