Capacity Building Initiatives

Women’s Leadership Workshops:

Total WLWs – 59

Total EWR Participation – 1259

Impact of WLWs:

  • EWRs started interacting with administration with confidence
  • Accessed government schemes on development (drinking water, electricity, roads, housing), education (building and upgrading schools, increasing enrollment)
  • Started organizing Grama Sabha (village council meeting) with full vigour ensuring people’s participation
  • Felt the need for building federations

Training of Trainers

ToT On Federations (by partners) – 20

Total EWR participation – 526

Total Trainers  – 49

Need based Workshops (RTI &NREGA)-13

Total EWR Participation- 340

Total Trainers -34

Computer Literacy Workshop – 2

Total Trainers – 6

Total EWR participation  – 62

Standing Committee Training  -3

Total EWR Participation  – 130

Total Trainers  –  12

Grama Sabha Mobilization:

Number of GSM Workshops – 3

Participation of EWRs – 70

Impact of Need Based Workshop, Standing Committees, Computer Literacy Workshops

  • EWR started using RTI especially for knowing details about NREGS implementation.
  • EWRs have constituted standing committees in their respective panchayats for better administration.
  • More than 32 EWRs who are under graduates have started using internet connection in their panchayats.
  • They have regular contacts amongst themselves using email.

Partners – 3

Districts – 5

Blocks – 13

Panchayats – 257

EWRs Covered – 886

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