TOT on Federation Building, 2008

A 3-day TOT of EWRs and partner organization field staff was organized at Bhopal. The TOT was primarily planned for conceptual clarity of project staff and capacity building of the EWRs associated through trainings and other interventions with The Hunger Project. 2 trainers, 15 EWRs and 18 field staff members participated in this training. After stimulating a discussion on Federation and building on its need, difference between SHG/Other Sangathans and a proposed EWR Federation was laid out. The EWRs had an interactive session with a resource person on their take on Federation and experiences and suggestions on the way they will take the process of federation building ahead while the partner field level staff had a brainstorming session with the resource team on issues of leadership, power- its sources and their take on federation building process. The participatory methodology followed in the training as well as use of audio-visuals in an innovative way helped the participants capture the significance of the TOT quickly with clarity.

Finally the checklist for formation of a federation was shared after which all the partners planned their own action programme for streamlining federation-building processes in their field areas.

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