THP in Karnataka

The Hunger Project has been working with elected women representatives in Karnataka since the year 2001. Since then we have been holding women’s leadership workshops and have trained elected women representatives from various districts of Karnataka.

Karnataka is one of the few states in India that has made remarkable efforts to make Panchayats stronger and therefore has made several provisions for devolution of power to Panchayats.

The Hunger Project has focused on expanding partnerships at the grassroots so that a large percentage of elected women representatives in various districts can be trained through the Women’s Leadership Workshops.  New partnerships have been forged, taking our work to nine districts of Karnataka.

Besides this, there has been emphasis on strengthening our partnership with the government and other organizations working with Panchayats. It is imperative to build an enabling environment where women leaders can flourish and achieve their potential. The Hunger Project therefore feels it is mandatory to work in partnership with as many stakeholders as possible.

One thought on “THP in Karnataka

  1. I advised please bring down curruption in Karnataka . Because due to high level curruption can’t do anythings.
    Top to bottom level all currypted do very difficulty to develop the state

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