Strengthening Women’s Empowerment through the Electoral Process (SWEEP) Campaign

The Hunger Project in Rajasthan led a state level campaign in 1071 Gram Panchayats as part of the pre-election campaign aiming at increasing women’s participation in the 2010 panchayat elections. Implemented in partnership

with 41 civil society organizations, the campaign focused on the western, southern and eastern regions of the state with the following objectives:

  • Increase participation of women in the entire electoral process; establish presence and increase visibility as voters, candidates, nominators and agents
  • Information about 50% reservation and break the myth of ‘purush seat’
  • Prevent, address anticipated gender based violence during the elections
  • Simplify and provide information about the electoral process
  • Dialogue with concerned stakeholders such as the State Election Commission, Ministry of RD&PR for them to play a pro-active positive role to fulfill above objectives.

2 Training of trainers were conducted to build a common understanding among partners in the aims, objectives and strategies of the campaign. Networking with the State Election commission was also done to ensure the smooth implementation of the campaign

A large amount of IEC material was created on different themes for use in the campaign. The different themes focused on were information and myths regarding 50% reservation, women’s participation in different capacities during the elections, importance of voting. Posters, films, songs, slogans, T-shirts, caps, flags and radio based on these themes was created.
The campaign included simulation camps, puppet shows, village meetings, film screenings, slogan writing, rallies, songs and radio-programs. Women participated in large numbers in various capacities during the elections. EWR federations also participated in the campaign and also supported other women fling their nominations as contestants.

THP-Rajasthan had organised 4 TOT SWEEP campaigns in recently:

  • 08-12 September 2009
  • 10-14 November, 2009
  • 22-24 October 2009
  • 04-06 November, 2009

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