State Level Federation Meeting Office Bearers Meeting 23rd -24th March, 2009

An Intervention done by the Federation

Office bearers of The State Level Federation of Elected Women Representatives who had gathered in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, had taken up a case of forced child marriage of Budaguna Panchayat of district, Sidhi when raised by one of its members. All the members jointly took an immediate step and contacted all the local responsible government bodies. On seeing no support coming forth from them, they took quick decision and approached the State Human Rights Commission. They impressed upon the chairperson of the commission to put pressure on the local authorities to stall the wedding. Child marriage and forced child marriage is rampant in the district due to the traditional acceptance of the system even though it is declared as illegal by the law of the country. For the first time the State level Federation members raised their voice against such social historical injustice and realized their collective and united strength. The Federation members also pledged to launch a massive campaign in their respective districts against child marriage. The initiative was covered by mainstream media as well.

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