Programmes in Rajasthan

Training of trainers of partner functionaries

In order to build our own capacities and that of partner staff members, The Hunger Project in Rajasthan has undertaken training of trainers and other capacity building workshops to build perspective, skill and knowledge of participants as trainers, as well as gain information needed on themes such as the PRI act, RTI, Gram Sabha, NREGA, gender sensitization etc.
TOT s and orientation workshops have been held for conducting of WLWs, need based workshops, Gram sabha mobilization as well as the SWEEP campaign by The Hunger Project training team as well as external resource persons.

Women’s Leadership workshops (WLWs)

Having attended the WLWs, the EWRs go back with a sense of confidence and motivation having moved from a sense of “I cannot” to “I can”. The WLWs include sessions on social and political citizenship, leadership and vision, opportunities of the Panchayati Raj, the 73rd constitutional amendment.

Follow-up workshops

Post The Women’s leadership workshops, the EWRs undergo a two day- follow up workshop to address the practical problems faced in their work post the WLW and to fill the gaps in information that exist.

Need based Workshops

By the second year of the election cycle, EWRs need information on a range of issues like different laws such as the DV, different schemes, RTI, accounting in the Panchayats etc. Depending on the needs arising in different areas, 2 day residential workshops to fill information gaps are held.

Gram Sabha Mobilisation

Recognizing the need to strengthen the institution of gram sabha, The Hunger Project in Rajasthan, has been working on gram sabha mobilization to ensure that people, particularly women participate in gram sabhas. Regular inputs on conducting Gram Sabhas are provided to elected women through trainings.

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