Making Panchayats Effective

Gram Sabha Tracking Workshop Orientation

A two-day Gram Sabha Tracking workshop was conducted with partners to orient them on the same and other tracking mechanisms. Following were the main points covered with 22 participants:

– Conceptual clarity on gram sabha, and its mobilization techniques adopted by the partners.
– Street play, posters and pamphlets, microphone figured as some of the most commonly techniques used.
– The methods of role-play, group discussions and lecture were used the workshop
– Quiz competition was organized among the participants by dividing them in three groups. Questions around gram sabha like quorum requirements, statutory needs for holding of a valid Gram sabha etc. were framed by a 3-member team comprising experienced coordinators. It was a very interesting exercise by which the participants, especially the newcomers learnt various nuances about gram sabha.
– Sample of the tracking questionnaire was filled by all participants, and after looking into all of them, the resource team discussed on the gaps founds, and elaborated on the requirements for an ideally well filled in format.
– Planning of gram sabha mobilization campaigns and tracking format orientations of field staff at partner levels.

Gram Sabha Mobilization

400 Gram Sabhas were tracked in 7 districts. 871 EWRs, 10936 women and 190195 men participated.

The Gram Sabha held in the respective areas were tracked within the context of external factors like caste differences, feudalism and dominant tribal identity etc.

Major Resolutions Passed by active participation of women

– Employment generation opportunities for women at Panchayat level
– Re working of beneficiaries list under different social security schemes
– Monitoring of different schemes for children and women
– Giving mid-day meal’s responsibility to self-self groups
– Approving construction works of wells, hand pumps, ponds, school building, kitchen shed, primary health center, opening of new school for girls
– Up gradation of schools to high school level etc.

Role of women

– Due to presence of increased number of women, and increased levels of being vocal Gram Sabha on the whole are improving in the Panchayats. One of the strategies adopted by the federation members from the 3rd Gram sabha of year 2008 has been charting out separate agenda in consultation with women self help groups and various people’s groups prior to the actual gram sabha.

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