Mahila Panch- Sarpanch Sangathan

Federations of elected women representatives were formed in 11 blocks across seven districts where the Hunger Project is active these federations, formed at the block level have exclusive membership of elected women alone. Each federation has an elected body of office bearers comprising of President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and Vice-Secretary. Regular meetings of the federations take place at the block as well as the state level.

The federations, called the Mahila Panch- Sarpanch Sangathan are a vital support base for the elected women at the ground level addressing problems faced by women in panchayats, dealing with officials, and often taking up issues affecting women’s participation in panchayats for advocacy. At the local level, federations have addressed issues ranging from sex selective abortion to policy issues in their panchayats. During the recently held panchayats elections, federation members participated actively in the pre-election campaign to strengthenining women’s participation in the elections as voters, candidates, nominators and agents.

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