Future Plans


Continue Federation building and link following issues:

  • Campaign against TCN, No Confidence Motion & de-reservation of women’s seats,
  • Use of RTI to ensure greater transparency and accountability in panchayats
  • Avail information on schemes, real beneficiaries, and work to avail these to the needy in respective areas,
  • Demand increase of women’s seats to 50% in panchayats,
  • Ensure maximum participation of women in future elections- even beyond reserved seats
  • Demand appointment of woman Secretary and Executive Officer in women headed panchayats
  • Prepare Federations for SWEEP in coming years


  • Need based Workshops on women-related laws, NREGA, BRGF, PWDVA, CEDAW, Forest Rights, PESA, etc
  • Continue Gram Sabha mobilization
  • Campaign against two-child norm to re-strategize- plan to meet CM directly
  • Continue Media workshops- at state and district levels- but emphasis to be on rural reporters, press conferences at all partner areas- for greater coverage of women leadership issues and more entries for SNP
  • Exposure visit of EWRs within the state and outside, to facilitate cross-learning.
  • Include action plans to combat climate change- a growing threat to ecology and livelihoods- in all programs.

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