Capacity Building of EWR Federation

Legal Training of EWR Federation Members (Satna)

Development of module:

The module was developed by MP state office for the legal training of 30 EWR federation members and 7 partners field level functionaries with the help of external resource agency (IWID) and Training Coordinator Rohini from national office.

The Training:

30 members of the block level federations of Rampur Baghelan, Sirmore and Rampur Neikin blocks of Satna, Rewa and Sidhi districts underwent a 3 day legal training with the objectives:

– To equip the trainees with basic knowledge about Domestic Violence Act
– Laws on land rights
– Section 40
– Instruments and know how about practicalities about offices for redressal
– Preparing grounds for EWRs to take up cases through federation counsel as and when need comes
– Preparing the group for anticipated violence during next Panchayat elections


– Federation members were equipped with basic knowledge about Domestic Violence Act, mechanisms to take up the cases, laws on land rights, instruments and offices for redressal, section 40, no-confidence motion.
– Understanding strategies for advocacy and dissemination on use and misuse of section 40.
– Understanding the wider context of violence both as a woman and an elected representative.
– Forming strategies for anticipated violence during next Panchayat elections which included having a federation led campaign and formation of an intra-district Committee with members of 3 federations being part of it to keep cases of violence under check.

Capacity Building of EWRs: Towards a EWR newsletter

Partner organization Gram Sudhar Samiti has committed to bringing out of quarterly newsletter with content development and editorial team comprising of EWRs. To train the EWRs towards learning the nuances of newspaper production, reporting, compilation of news, field operations, a 3 day workshop during the dates 6th-8th August was organized in Satna in which 16 participants including 2 Panch and 7 Sarpanch participated. The EWRs went for news compilation to Mahurach Kandela Panchayat where they collected news through individual interviews and inspection of records on PDS, functioning of Anganwadi and school. After their return, the EWRs developed the content of a dummy newspaper and designed the pages also. On last day of the workshop the participants went on an experiential tour to the local press of national Hindi daily newspaper- ‘Navabharat Times’. The chief editor of the newspaper shared his own experiences and shared processes of editing and actual printing.

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