EWRs interacting with Street play team and the women

EWRs interacting with Street play team and the women

In September 2009, THP launched an intensive four month awareness campaign on the Right to Information (RTI) Act in the state of Bihar.

The intervention proposed a three-fold strategy to impact a large population in order to create a conducive and enabling environment for the active implementation of the RTI Act. While the primary focus of the program would be on the EWR members of federations, civil society organizations were also included to reach out to larger sections of population. Additionally, dissemination of the Act was undertaken on a large scale through use of mass media. The three heads under which activities were planned were Capacity building of elected women representatives on RTI, Training of Trainers (ToT) of community based organizations and civil society organizations and Mass awareness campaign through mass media: In Bihar the highlight was the Road Show – ‘Jan Jagrukta Karwan’. IEC material was also developed. Materials such as posters, pamphlets and booklets were conceptualized and developed for the campaign.

This is a concluding four month campaign report. The report summarizes the key activities and outputs of the campaign. Experiences and response to the campaign have also been documented. The impact in Bihar is highlighted. The last chapter of the report captures the key learning’s and conclusion, emphasizing the need to continue such initiates within the State of Bihar and also across the States in India, especially the backward and underdeveloped States, where citizens in rural areas, especially the marginalized and disadvantaged continue to face tremendous challenges related to lack of good governance and accountability in Panchayats.

Right to Information Campaign in Bihar- A Report

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