Future Plans

Women’s Participation in Election – THP Bihar would focus on alliance building amongst the elected women themselves and between the elected women and other women’s groups (like SHGs) to counter the pressure on them (from family members, community in general, as well as government officials) while they take decisions related to Panchayat governance. This would indirectly have a bearing on the level of acceptance of the community at large towards the elected women. Special focus would be on interventions that sensitize the community towards the identity of the elected women and their roles as far as governance is concerned. This would help build the constituency of the elected women in Panchayats.

Violence-Free Election – Our effort would be to mobilize community and other stakeholders to promote violence free election in 2011.
After the election of 2011, our focus would be to facilitate the right based approach of EWRs in addressing the issues related to the field of Education, Health, RTF, RTI, etc., through women leaders.

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