Significant Partnerships

The Hunger Project Partners with the Environmental Defense Fund

The Hunger Project and the US based Environmental Defense Fund have agreed to partner on the issue of climate change, specifically regarding how it affects the rural population in India. The Environmental Defense Fund works to solve environmental problems by working with businesses, governments, and communities to find practical environmental solutions. The project specifically targets women elected to village Gram Panchayats (local councils). The partnership is built around the production of a film ‘Arohan’ (a new beginning) which is a docu-drama. Arohan will essentially be an introduction to climate change, the issues and debates around it, and will show how it is affecting the women and their villages, along with a few simple steps that could make a world of difference.

The Hunger Project Partners With Forum SYD

The Hunger Project entered into a one-year partnership with Forum Syd (a consortium of 200 Swedish organizations working with international development cooperation and advocacy on global issues) to empower the locally elected women representatives in Gujarat through Women’s Leadership and Follow Up workshops. Through this partnership The Hunger Project trained 618 elected women representatives in four districts across the State of Gujarat through 24 Women Leadership Workshops. The area four districts covered by this partnership were Kutch, Bhavnagar, Dahod and Ahmedabad Districts. The four Districts selected have high concentrations from the marginalised and indigenous communities.

The Hunger Project Partners the Ribbink Van Hoek Foundation

The Hunger Project is partnering with the Ribbink van den Hoek (RVDH) Foundation for work in the State of Madhya Pradesh for the next five years. Beginning January 2009, with the support of RVDH foundation, The Hunger Project will work on the up-coming SWEEP campaign in Madhya Pradesh. The work under this partnership will follow the Five-Year Cycle of Building Elected Women’s Leadership over the next five years.

The Hunger Project’s Partnership with the Ford Foundation

The Hunger Project is partnering with the Ford Foundation to facilitate the National Platform to Promote Decentralisation. The NPPD brings together stakeholders, consolidates past and current learning, shares experiences and insights about decentralisation and creates a mechanism through which existing expertise can be used towards systemic reforms that strengthen the voice of the poor within governance, especially engaging with federations of elected women representatives in Panchayats.

The Hunger Project partners with the Ministry of Panchayati Raj

The Hunger Project signed a partnership with the Ministry of Panchayati Raj, Government of India in January 2008 to create media hubs to ensure dialogue between media and various stakeholders in Panchayati Raj. During this partnership, The Hunger Project has intensively worked with editors and held continuous talks, discussion and orientation programs with these high profile journalists and opinion makers have created noticeable impact on our partnership with the media. Hindi dailies in Madhya Pradesh have brought out special issues on drought, corruption, malnutrition and the role of Panchayats. The constant efforts to dialogue with them have ensured visibility of Panchayat related stories in the mainstream newspapers in both Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Another outcome has been the emergence of a positive relationship between the elected women representatives and the media. Both parties now do not view each other as enemies; rather they take each other’s support in the hour of need.

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