Women’s Leadership Workshops

The Women’s Leadership Workshop (WLW) – a three-day workshop – is the primary level capacity building initiative with EWRs. The WLW is organised in the first year of their election term.

The objectives of a WLW are to enable women to begin taking a conscious step towards transformation, as women and as elected representatives; to challenge the status quo and social inequities they are steeped in; to step into their roles as Panchayat leaders and as equal citizens of the country; to explore leadership within themselves and understand skills required to lead; to envision a future for their ward / village / Panchayats and understand how to translate that vision into reality; and to understand support structures available to them to implement their vision.

Discussions and subsequent work on issues of discrimination, exclusion and violence during WLWs enables the EWRs to alter and expand the notion of development, to engendered development.

The Women’s Leadership Workshops of The Hunger Project are capacity building workshops. The workshop seeks to instill and facilitate:
– Creating an understanding of their identity as a political leader
– A shift from the mindset of ‘I can not’ to ‘I can’.
– Critically analyzing social systems and its effect on their own realities:hierarchies of class, caste, religion, gender and so on.
– Understanding political and social citizenship
– Understanding their role in local governance as stated under the 73rd amendment
– Articulation of a vision for their communities and themselves

The aim of the WLW Group is to:
– Emphasize on the importance of the participation of women in regular Panchayat meetings and Gram Sabhas
– Impart the skills to be effective leaders
– Create the sense of solidarity amongst the EWRs

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