Training of Trainers

Prior to every capacity building initiative, The Hunger Project conducts Training of Trainers (TOTs) workshops with trainers of community-based organisations The Hunger Project partners with in every State. The objectives of a TOT is to develop conceptual clarity on the subject of capacity building; to view each subject from a gender and human rights perspective; to develop significant links between the subject and the concept of democratic politics and governance; to develop required skills to conduct capacity building workshops with EWRs; and to develop strategies to ensure complete and effective participation of EWRs in the workshops. Most often, a TOT is facilitated by trainers within The Hunger Project. Though, there are TOTs where resource persons are invited from outside The Hunger Project, who are experts on subjects such as on Right to Information, NREGS and so on. The Hunger Projects partner organisations are equipped through TOTs to establish links between perspective, knowledge, technical information and skills. Trainers are prepared such that they are able to communicate with EWRs in a non-judgmental, secular and sensitive manner. Utmost importance is accorded to enabling them to develop a sound perspective based on the principles of women’s human rights.

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