Strengthening Women’s Leadership

Capacity Building Initiatives

The goal of each of THP’s Capacity Building Initiative is to strengthen the participation of EWRs in political processes enabling them to become effective leaders in their communities.

[spoiler]While the cycle of capacity building may seem standardised across the States in which The Hunger Project works, each training programme is designed premised on the socio-cultural and political context of that particular state and, further, the particular district from where EWRs are. Some common realities such as patriarchy, repressive cultural practices, rural economy, poverty, and feudal structures affect the lives and work of EWRs across a majority of the states in India. There are also specific contexts such as ethnic and political strife, indigenous practices, communal conflict that are prevalent in specific states and districts. Therefore, capacity building with EWRs is done keeping in view their multiple identities of caste, class, sexuality, religion, ethnicity, age, and ability / disability.

There is an understanding that elected women are a heterogeneous group, with varying concerns and priorities. Capacity building therefore incorporates varying concerns and contexts and feeds into the capacity of elected women to become effective leaders.


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