Follow-up Workshops

A WLW is followed up with a series of Follow-up workshops (FWs), which is a two-day workshop focusing on the experiences of EWRs post a WLW in their Panchayats challenges they have encountered and their accomplishments in their capacity as EWRs. Most times, the challenges seem to supersede their achievements but the Follow-up workshop enables them to analyse the challenges and helps develop strategies to confront them. Achievements may not seem tangible but even a small step ahead is an indicator of social and political transformation.

By this time, the identity of the EWRs in a workshop space has changed from being individual representatives to a group facing similar difficulties and challenges. There is a realisation that the experience of exclusion is common is therefore there is an attempt to face this together beginning of a sense of being a collective. Collective action develops into a strategy here onwards.

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