Programme Team

Programme Team

Ruchi Yadav – Director, Programmes - Ruchi is incharge of programme strategy, implementation and management across seven states. She also supervises the training portfolio and is responsible for mainstreaming gender in all interventions. She has been with THP since 2007. She has worked on issues related to women’s rights and human rights in South Asia and South East Asia. She has … Continue reading
Bharani Sundararajan - Bharani is incharge of grant administration of THP partner organizations. She is also responsible for implementing THPs M&E programme and manages the Country Director’s office in Delhi. Bharani is keenly interested in systems and ensures swift and efficient disbursement of partner grants. She has been in THP since 2004. Bharani has over 17 years work … Continue reading
Bimal Kant - Bimal is in charge of Administration and Accounts in the Bihar office. He also supports the team in programme implementation and logistics. His belief in women’s empowerment takes him regularly to the field where he is exceptionally skilled in coordinating community programmes. Bimal has been working with The Hunger Project since June 2001. He holds … Continue reading
Darshan Surendranath - Darshan is in charge of Impact Assessment of THP programmes and has supported the development and piloting of the indicators. He also holds the dual responsibility of implementing THP’s M&E programme. Darshan has been with THP since 2009 and is new to the development sector. He holds a Masters degree in Economics from Gokhale Institute … Continue reading
Eunice Thong - Eunice is responsible for providing logistical support required in programme implementation. She also facilitates events, meetings and large conventions. Responsible and hardworking, Eunice been with THP since 2002. This is her first job. She holds a Masters Degree in Sociology from Annamalai University, Delhi.
Ganga Gupta - Ganga is a master trainer and has trained in all the ten states that THP works in. Ganga has an excellent command of training skills, participatory methodology and has a deep understanding of issues of gender, governance and women’s rights and empowerment. Over the years she has trained and interacted with rural women from across … Continue reading
Gayathri - Gayathri is responsible for programme implementation in Tamil Nadu. She has over 6 years experience in the social development sector and has recently joined THP. Gayathri has earlier worked at AIDS Prevention and Control Project as a project officer supervising eight districts in Tamil Nadu. She has also worked at CAPART as a young professional … Continue reading
Kamla Bhat - Kamla oversees programme implementation in Uttarakhand. She is exceptionally skilled in community mobilization and partner management. Kamla is also an experienced trainer. She has been with THP since December 2006. Kamla has over 17 years of development sector experience in Uttarakhand and has a deep understanding of women’s rights, panchayats, education and livelihood. She holds … Continue reading
Litali Das - Litali coordinates program interventions, planning, budgeting, monitoring, reporting and accounts in Odisha. She has excellent documentation skills and has contributed extensively to publications on Odisha. Litali has been with THP since 2007. Litali now highlights the work of elected women representatives through media workshops and press conferences. She holds a Masters Degree in English Literature … Continue reading
Shahina Perween - Shahina oversees programme implemention in Bihar. Her deep understanding of women’s rights is reflected in the design of programmatic interventions, training of elected women representatives, IEC material and media interactions. Her sense of gender justice qualified her to be the Coordinator of the ‘Fact Finding Team’ of THP to study the cases of gender based … Continue reading
Shibani Sharma - Shibani is responsible for programme implementation and management in the state of Madhya Pradesh. A keen networker, Shibani works closely with key stakeholders such as the state government, media, women’s, human rights and election commissions. She has also taken the lead in the state on addressing research gaps for policy advocacy issues concerning women representatives … Continue reading
Sujeet Verma - Sujeet is responsible for programme implementation in Bihar. He has been actively working on women’s issues throughout his student life. Sujeet has been with The Hunger Project since June 2008. This is his first job. Sujeet has a Masters degree in Social Work from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences in Mumbai. Sujeet has authored … Continue reading
Sukanta Mohapatra - Sukanta is responsible for programme implementation and management in Odisha and is also part of the THP training team. He joined The Hunger Project in October 2010. He has five years of work experience in the development sector after a stint in the corporate world. His interest lies in dealing with issues of gender justice, … Continue reading
Veda Bharadwaja - Veda joined The Hunger Project in November 2010 as the Programme Officer for Advocacy and Research. She works in close coordination with the state teams in facilitating advocacy issues undertaken by them. Veda has done her Masters in International Relations from Jawaharlal Nehru University (New Delhi). She has worked on women’s economic, social and cultural … Continue reading
Virendra Shrimali - Virendra is responsible for both programme implementation and accounts in Rajasthan. He has indepth knowledge of Panchayati Raj Institutions and government programmes in the state. His excellent command over the Hindi language has helped THP in being a pioneer in Hindi publications. Oldest member of THP India family, Virendra has been with THP since 1997. … Continue reading

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